Why exactly night sleep is especially important if you have panic attacks

I, like most people, am often lazy to start doing something. I understand it is needed and it is useful – but I do not start doing the thing until there is a special need. But then again I can stop doing something useful if there is no obvious need. The same concerned me and my sleep time. I knew that night’s sleep is a necessity. It is at night that the biorhythms of the body are ideally adjusted to sleep, during which the body receives the best restoration and rest, including the rest of nervous system. People with anxiety have sick and too excited nervous system, so the sleeping time may be short and often of poor quality, but now we are talking about something different. Often those who have anxiety and panic attacks have the wrong day mode, and accordingly – the wrong night’s sleep. I will say about myself – in my regime the day mode was shifted to the fact that I did not sleep in the daytime and at night, but I slept in the morning. Leaning at 7 am and waking up at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. My job allowed me to do this. But I felt terrible. As if I had a good sleep – but during the day I had no strength, no energy, didn’t know what to start doing first, often did not want to do anything, had completely no enthusiasm – this is the discrepancy of the biorhythms of the body with the biorhythms of the planet. The psychologist also told me that such a night mode is a strong “hit” for the nervous system. Starting my way to fighting panic attacks, I had to change the mode of the day. I managed to change the day mode not immediately and not completely, but it has changed. For the first 2-3 months, and then, when I became feeling better, my day regime began to shift again.

I worked longer or read something or watched something on the Internet at night and laid it all out later. I sometimes began to feel some anxiety and discomfort during the day after I woke up. It was the beginning of the winter and the day already was short itself, and if I keep sleeping during the day light, then I got up when it would get dark soon. I understood that it was wrong, but it was very difficult for me to rearrange the body. I was going to bed at 1 o’clock at night several nights in a row, but the reflex was either not fixed to transform into the habit or because of some other reason and as the result I was falling asleep closer to the early morning. At last I managed to go to bed for two days in a row at 2 o’clock at night and I’m going to make it go in such a way that I was going to bed until midnight. Even after these 2 days I felt how important a night’s sleep was! After a night’s sleep I slept only for 7 hours and I do not want to sleep anymore. I got up easily. There is energy, a positive, a desire to do something or just some sort of fertile peace during the day. No anxiety or discomfort, as before – when I fell asleep in the morning, and woke up in the mid-day or in the evening.

Why exactly night sleep is especially important if you have panic attacks

It is high-quality night sleep that plays a key role in restoring the nervous system. Qualitative means a calm sleep, where you can recover for a certain amount of time as best as you can. To have a good quality sleep, you need to have all the necessary phases of sleep to happen: both – deep and short sleep waves (phases), and this is only possible to get at a certain time. To do this, two or three hours before going to bed you must stop doing mental work. It is also desirable not to do any physical work as well. It is worthwhile to meditate and to have supper. Meditation relaxes the nervous system, discards annoying thoughts, which often spin in the head and prevent sleep, and the early supper will not overload the body during sleep. It is also good to breathe fresh air, stroll in the street for an hour and a half before sleep. It is recommended to have bedtime till 11 o’clock, but the sooner the better, then all the sleep phases have a chance to take place and restore you as well as possible.

Long time ago when I spent some nights in parties and then went to work in the morning, I thought I felt so bad because of drunk alcohol before. Not at all – it’s because of a small amount of sleep. Recently, I only figured it out when I had to stay awake for a long time and I felt as haphazard as it once was in my unconscious youth. Of course, alcohol also greatly inluences, more about it – here.

I wish you to be healthy and a strong, quality sleep is one of the basics. In order to get rid of panic attacks, and above all – anxiety, which is their prerequisite, it is necessary to make several simple steps, although many of these steps are not easy to make; these steps are – meditation, day mode with normal night’s sleep, moderate physical activity, and ending the internal conflict; details are here. And if now it is night time – go to bed already, everything is going to be fine, you have this site and it will help you to recover 🙂

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