Why am I against pills in curing panic attacks?

I’ll clarify the situation a little. Perhaps sometimes in the early stages of the panic disorder treatment when doctor prescribes pills, this is really needed step to calm the over-excited nervous system down and allow a person to begin to implement positive and needed changes – physical exercises, normal day mode and stuff, but this is only at the very beginning. The young organism especially, but also everyone, has to cope with unreasonable anxiety and fears by self-regulation, strengthening the nervous system and working on oneself – both psychological and physical.

Those who are literary dependent on pills for years do not get rid of the causes of panic attacks, but just ignore these causes, that is, disguising the disease by hiding it with chemicals. Pills create the illusion that everything is good by changing certain components in the bloodstream and in the brain, and people think for some time that they are healthy, but that’s not truth. By using pills you can only lead both: panic attacks and your life to a critical point. And what if there is no pills, say, you forgot to take them with you or you took the last one and there is no more at the moment? I’m not talking about the various consequences of pills use – from addiction to liver disease and other organs diseases. At one time I was drinking beer to eliminate the symptoms of panic attacks. Is this a way out of the situation? Did I solve the problem this way? Of course, not. And besides, because of use of alcohol, there can be other negative consequences for the body such as liver diseases, other organs diseases, addiction to alcohol. What is different about pills in this situation? I do not think taking pills differs that much from taking alcohol to eliminate panic attack. Yes, some pills do not change reality and you you’re your consciousness, but all this is still very similar to the use of alcohol during panic attack – this is an attempt to escape from the problem, not eliminating the true cause, but only masking the consequences by changing hormonal composition of blood. Therefore, in general, I am against the pills, although I assume taking pills prescribed by clever, experienced in panic disorders cure doctor, but only for a certain time or during periods of severe nervous upheaval. I repeat, that this is my personal opinion and I’m telling this not only as a theory, but as what I personally tested – the treatment of panic attacks without pills. I was taking soothing pills only for the first 4 days when I started treatment – in the morning and in the evening, just when I started my “fight” with panic attacks by changing my lifestyle and outlook. These were not “strong” pills prescribed by the doctor and they did not affect my reaction rate and did not change the state of my mind, but helped to reduce anxiety and fall asleep normally at the very beginning of myself improvement aka treatment. That was exactly what doctor told me: the body must fight itself and you have to act for yourself, and pills are only to support at the beginning. It’s like a miraculous kick, so you start to run towards your healing, but no one would like to get instant butt kicks, right?

I remember once as my kind, loyal friend who knew that I’m suffering panic attacks, who is 10 years older and has a bigger and more valuable experience in life, once said: “Well, if the young physically healthy (I made medical check) guy at the age of 30 constantly takes soothing pills – it is abnormal, as the young organism has everything to overcome itself and dealing with anxieties as well”. He also told me a lot more useful advices, even before psychologist told me the same, but then I did not pay any attention to his words. For example, he told it is wrong to work the half day and the whole night at the monitor, as a person needs to interact with the community, do physical activity, and that it is impossible to earn all the money no matter what the work is.

The worst thing I suspect is that pills that “treat” panic attacks can lead to the fact that by taking just one pill person feels long waited release and starts to take those pills constantly, actually slowly killing himself/herself without thinking about the negative consequences – just dreaming about the holy calm, which is given by chemical compounds for a certain time. It’s clear that you are tired, but the way out is not here, believe me. Panic attacks itself are not harmful to humans, although it is quite difficult to live normally when having panic attacks as it heavily impacts the life quality, but the use of pills may have worse consequences as it only postpones REAL treatment, ignoring your wise body alerts and making other negative impact on brain, body, organs and stuff depending on pill and influence of many antidepressants is not fully examined so no one knows real consequences. Think about it if you already went this wrong way. In addition, pills make you being their hostage. Without pills you feel uncomfortable, and the lack of them in your pocket can scare you so that will necessarily lead to a new panic attack. You will constantly think about where to get pills, whether you took them with you or not, is there a pharmacy near, and so on. And if you appear in a rural area where there is no pharmacy and it is the evening, what then? I think I have made those who are trying to “cure” panic attacks only with pills to think about this issue and to understand that this is not an outlet. Hopefully, this inspired someone to start fighting panic attacks with a completely different, meaningful, reliable, and most importantly – natural and harmless way, which is also interesting.

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