What are panic attacks, why do they arise

There are processes in the human body that we control consciously, but there are processes that are guided by reflexes, that is, subconsciously, independently of us. There is the so-called principle of “beat or run”. This is when the body is in danger, it is ready to either escape or fight. In this state, certain hormones and substances are released and this helps the body to mobilize during the danger and either quickly escape or aggressively fight. One way or the other it all helps to survive in the final result. When this mechanism starts a person’s heart begins to beat the very quickly (to quickly flush blood and deliver oxygen to the organs), the breath is quick and superficial, the skin can rub and in certain parts of the body a person might feel numb (because of hyperventilation) and other accompanying feelings. This “state of emergency” the body “turns on” during a hazard. Imagine a huge dog running on you; you are very scared and feel the same symptoms of fear and all that helps you to quickly mobilize either to escape from the dog or scare it. This state is natural when there is objective danger; it is a natural human reaction to danger, which helps to escape, fight and as the final result – to survive.

But for some people, due to certain factors this state “turns on” without apparent objective reason and appears so called panic attack. Probably you are on this site because this happens to you. In fact there is real reason of why panic attacks happen with you or any other person, who feels that, but this reason is deeply hidden; there may be several reasons and so on, but nonetheless there is a panic attack. In a fairly calm state, the body suddenly begins to react as if it that terrible big dog is going to attack you, but the problem is this dog does not exist. You feel all the symptoms described above, but because it happens even when you are calm, having rest and not nervous at the moment you do not know what is happening with you.

Remind yourself the time when panic attack has happened to you the first time. It seemed to you that you might have a heart attack that you are dying or have gone crazy. In fact, the “fight or run” state was turned on by your body for some non objective, hidden reason. But in reality it is just reflex, which can not harm you or bring damage in any way, because it was created by wise nature to protect the body during danger. However, it happened at calm, you do not know why it happened to you and you start to be afraid that it will happen again. You start to examine your state all the time, it causes constant anxiety and the expectation of new attacks and only a little “spark” like a new stress is needed and a panic attack happens again. You have the so-called fear of fear – you start to worry, anxiety feels stronger and you terrify yourself to such extent that new panic attack is much stronger than the previous one. Sometimes the attack of a panic is so strong that you are simply afraid to die, do not understand the deeds, it seems to you that you will fall into the street or that you will not be able to come home or at work; you are afraid to stay alone or you are afraid to use public transport or go out, afraid that other people will think that you are crazy and so on. Remember: nobody has ever died from panic attacks. You are NOT THE ONLY ONE, you are NOT unique, there are many people like you, because about 10% – 20% of people all over the world suffer from panic attacks. I, the author of this site and this text used to have panic attacks, I successfully got rid of them and I will help you to get rid of panic attacks naturally as well, if you would like to. Cure for a panic attack is real.

So, getting rid of panic attacks is real, but everything should be done in order. Not only panic attacks are so unpleasant. Panic attack is already an extreme manifestation and their constant companion is an alarming state of anxiety. Panic attacks are not so frequent, but anxiety is maintained almost constantly. This is when different kinds of bad obsessions come up to your mind, something like this: when the following panic attack is going to occur next time?; I will not go to the shuttle bus because it’s hot in there and I have had panic attack in the bus so it will happen to me there again; I can not watch TV because it shows people in the office and at work I often have panic attacks; something with my heart is wrong as it beats too fast, apparently something is wrong with it; Oh, my head is spinning – now I feel like I will fall down; I will not go to work; I feel so scary on the next day after alcohol at the party! Such thoughts and feelings come up to the mind of a person who has nervous disorder and suffers from anxiety, but those are not only thoughts, but real feelings. This disturbing state is caused by certain internal psychological causes. They can be different and there could be many of them – dissatisfaction with oneself, complexes, failure to achieve goals in life, trying not to be yourself but pretending to be someone else; trying to live such a life so that other people do not think something bad about you and so on.

What are panic attacks, why do they arise

Unpleasant thoughts and complexes transform into patterns of behavior and patterns are performed by the brain subconsciously, regardless of our will and our body starts to suffer from this. We start to live not the way we want, depressing the body even more and the body signals to us that something is wrong by disturbing states, anxiety and panic attacks. We try to find the reason, take pills, drink alcohol. Especially frightened we are when eventually we go to the hospital and the doctor says that you are healthy. Formally everything looks like this, the tests are normal, but anxiety is not so easy to detect, especially for non professional with no experience in this field. Your body is like a computer that lives under the influence of a malicious virus – a program that it performs and which can destroy it. But the body is much wiser system and it shows us in such a way that something is wrong and we need to change our lives – “to restore to the factory settings”. You will have to do a lot of changes, but everything is made in special order and these changes are gradual and enjoyable. First, we reduce the power of panic attacks, get rid of most of the panic attacks that often occurred and then begin to gradually work on ourselves and change ourselves in such a way so that the panic attacks never arose again anymore. Together with the disappearance of panic attacks you will change yourself for the better, start living a happy, full-fledged life, do what you like, maybe even start to earn few times more than now – in short, you will experience a lot of positive changes.

It is also necessary to understand the fact that our body was evolutionarily created to get ourselves food by working physically. In my opinion, the human body can not be rebuilt so quickly in terms of global urban way of life, where money can be earned by sitting by the monitor. Today, most people work in offices, work reasonably, often forgetting about development of the physical body. There is a huge imbalance which goes to the direction of mental labor. Evolutionally, we are created differently – the physical and target-oriented work and the amount of adrenaline and other hormones that gradually accumulate in the body gradually destroys us and is also one of the causes of panic attacks. The body experiences constant anxiety and stress through mental overload, excess of stress hormones, stresses itself, negative settings, constant anxiety and complexes, obsessive thoughts – all that negatively affects the nervous system, since the nervous system could be just as ill as other organs, but the symptoms are fundamentally different. Unfortunately, we know very little about anxiety disorder and panic attacks as one of its manifestations, especially this concerns medicine in small provincial towns, which is why people can not find an answer to the question of what is happening to them. And once there is a rather strong negative factor of over-strong stress – a powerful negative situation: the death of a close person, strong alcohol poisoning, a scandal at work – it is different for everyone and depleted nervous system reacts with panic attack.

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