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About website

General Interesting Information

This website is created to help people and I believe that it was created not by chance. I do not want to tire you with different coincidences, I will just tell how it was as briefly as I could.

The domain name was purchased in 2014, S is the first letter of my name, and Budim is my surname. Why and for what I have bought this domain I did not know at that time. It was a strong desire to buy and I bought it. At first I put on it various news of electronics, modern gadgets, technological news etc. but I did not have the curiosity and inspiration for site maintenance, and this is the first and correct sign that you need either to change the direction or close the project.

The coincidence is that in 2014 I began to feel PA for the first time – panic attacks. And so, in 2017, I thought what to do with the domain – to extend it or not, because the money should be paid once a year and the site that does not benefit you can not exist. This benefit may be either monetary or maybe for your pleasure – let’s say for the soul, but it has to make some mission. This site was neither the one nor the other – a negative in terms of finance and zero in terms of ideas and development. I have other projects that are created purely for financial purposes and although they are quite routine but it should be like that as every work contains parts of routine, but what to do with this site I could not figure out for a long time. But the idea has came itself – I thought what if I do something on the Internet not only for the sake of my own material reward, but to be useful, to do something that people need and what I like myself personally. And as practice shows, such activities sometimes become very successful and even profitable, the law of energy conservation probably works – you devote yourself to some business, give it energy and time, give to it part of yourself and in return you get pleasure, joy, happiness, material rewards or even health, but I repeat – the purpose of this project is primarily to help people, although I do not claim to be altruistic and do not deny that my life just like the lives of other people in this world is closely intertwined with financial flows.

How did it all finally begin?

So, in a few weeks after I decided “to be useful on the Internet,” I had serious health problems, including suffering severe panic attacks – I did not understand what to do next in life and where to go, but the circumstances made up in such a way that gradually I got rid of panic attacks and radically began to change my life for the better. (Please do not identify my bright pure desire and the sequence of bad events, though … who knows…) At the same time I got the idea: “Why not share this information with other people who now need help as I needed it?” And then I realized where exactly I could be useful for people. All previous thoughts about the domain name, site, ideas and experience of my struggle against panic attacs formed one puzzle and I suddenly realized what I should do. I felt I have a lot of inner power and enegry to do the website, to write articles, to share experience etc. – that’s what prompts me to be on the right path. This is the indicator of right sphere in any case you do in life. I am happy with what I am doing on this site and I want to inspire people who suffer from panic attacks, to give them some hope and confidence that you will get rid of panic attacks, just like how I got rid of them – this is REAL!

Whom this site is aimed for?

For those who are tired of panic attacks and want to get rid of them without medication, who are tired to “pour” panic attacks with alcohol or pills. For those who want to say “good buy” to panic attacks once and for all. For those who have never been suffering from panic attacks this site will be useful in terms of self-improvement – here’s a lot of great information about healthy lifestyles, meditation, the path of self-knowledge and more; if your relatives, close people or friends suffer from panic attacks and you not even guess about existence of panic attacks, panic disorder and can’t figure out what feel those close to yours people – this website will help you understand them better, but only under one condition – you have to sincerely wish to understand the root of the problem and don’t push it away by false thinking that such a problem does not exist. It EXISTS and those who suffer from panic attacks have to realize it at first – this is vital. There is such a problem, but as one doctor told me, it can not be ignored because it could lead to very unfortunate consequences, but at  the same time it should not be exaggerated and treated too seriously. You need to understand the problem and begin to work on yourself – then your panic attacks and a constant sluggish alarming state, which is their 100% satellite along with the intrusive thoughts would disappear. Your life will become qualitatively new, positive, even better than it was before you felt panic attack for the first time.

And some more stuff…

I had many ideas, I also typed a lot of materials, but l chose to leave everything in text files on my computer hard drive. I had some desire to “throw” everything to the network, to share it, but that times I realized that it’s still too early. I wanted to make a plan at first, to think how the site should look like and so on. But it happened not quite as I was expecting. Some day in the evening I sat down at a computer – I was looking for the item I needed at an online store, checking my email and suddenly I felt strong desire to type this page, or rather, the information on it. Thoughts quickly became headed in order and I clearly understood what I want to do and how. I quickly made a temporary website design, installed a site management system and wrote this page you are reading now. It’s all in less than three hours, intermingling with conversations at home, distractions and some stuff to do in the appartment. That’s how the site has finally moved from dead point. I felt it was the right time…

P.S. If for some reason you have decided to write me, you can do so at email