The value of panic attacks when choosing friends, beloved girl

As I said before, the phrase that panic attacks may be useful for those who suffer from panic attacks might not only sound as a mockery, but as a complete absurd of inexperienced theorist at best. But I, the one who wrote this text, has been experiencing panic attacks and anxiety for several years and I speak from my own experience – panic attacks can be useful not only by helping to rethink your life and start moving in absolutely different direction – the direction of personal development and meaningful life; but also help indirectly, as it is stated in the title of this article. Let me introduce it to you step by step.

The state of panic attacks and your frank conversations will help you become closer to your loved ones, closer to your family. At first they might not understand you unless they suffer panic attacks themselves; but gradually changing to the best and communicating with them by giving them little portions of new information every day you will become closer to each other, as it happened in my case. This is especially true when it is going about parents.

Panic attacks will help you understand who a true friend is, and who only wants to use you. When you ask a person to support you by walking with you to the park or to the river, because you feel really bad and it seems that your head is spinning and you are going to lose consciousness and you can not stay in this room anymore, then the friend will understand, and the pseudo-friend will only laugh at you, joking that you have just imagined something. You know how terrible panic attacks can be from a hangover and what an alarming state is your satellite all the day after, but even knowing this you allow yourself to sometimes “catch the head”; or the circumstances require – birthday, corporative party… And, next day, you do not want to pick up the phone and you do not pick it up, you do not want to hear and see anybody, but you can easily watch Youtube videos about the nature. So, a real friend will get used to this in 2-3 times and will understand your situation, and those who just want something from you will “torment” you by non stop calling and texting you; and if you turn off the phone, turn off the Internet to escape from the world – they will get angry and tomorrow they will reproach you, more often even publicly, underlining how irresponsible you were yesterday, because they needed you for some reason. Spit on all this from the high hill – your life is your life, and they are not friends for you. That’s all. But it is necessary to struggle with panic attacks and during the struggle alcohol  can not be used at all for a few months. I did so. And in general, alcohol only tricks the mind, creates an illusion, but does not give true joy; it is better to rejoice without it.

The value of panic attacks when choosing friends, beloved girl

As for personal relationships with girls, here panic attacks are not only an obstacle but also can have very positive influence. How come? If your relations with the girl are serious and for long and you think that in the future she will become your wife, then you need to know her real attitude to you. If you are successful, rich and healthy – there will be many girls willing to be with you, and if you are not at the time? The same applies to girls who suffer panic attacks and their boyfriends. Gender here is not important. A close person should know about your panic attacks and take you as you are now, as they say – in trouble and in joy. Those who can not withstand this should leave you and go their own way, without this “burden” who is called YOU, and this is understandable – they just have to be let go further. But the most important thing I wanted to tell you is further. Well, you are suffering from panic attacks, but actively working on yourself – you work on self-improvement, using different practices to get rid of panic attacks; become more interesting; wiser; work physically and consciously on your body; start earning a lot; become a reliable person with whom many people are trying to get closer; panic attacks eventually disappear at all because you are on the right path, your body no longer protests, and you are free and open to your desires and go the way you like. And those who did not support you, did not help you in a difficult moment, or did it “through tortures”, and did not succeed; those who did not want to endure and set their personal goals and interests higher – let them go with peace. He / she can not be condemned, it’s just not your person.

That’s it, today we have discovered several new horizons of panic attacks. If you are not struggling with panic attacks, but suffering from living with them and accidentally hit this page, start reading Fighting PA – my way – here’s a lot of information about how I personally got rid of panic attacks and completely changed my life for the better. It happened to me, it will come out with you; well, if you are here – right now the path of your recovery is starting!

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