The real causes of panic attacks

When looking for information on panic attacks on the Internet, most of the information you find will be about how to stop panic attacks, how to act when the panic attack has already started and so on. That is, most of the information is aimed at teaching how to act during panic attack in such a way so that its influence weakens and it eliminates. Sometimes you can still find information about what is physically happening in the body when you feel that wild animal fear and that no one has ever died because of panic attack. Some people even say that panic attacks are useful in terms of physical training, because during panic attack the heart beats faster, blood is pumped as if during workout and the other effects similar to physical training are present, although I personally do not think that panic attacks are that useful if treat it in terms of physical training. Knowledge of the principles of panic attacks is undoubtedly useful to those who suffer, because their understanding can reassure the quirky mind that has already drawn pictures of a heart attack, death or madness, although in reality there is a strong nervous excitement, just like as before the competition, when the judge will shoot and one has to run. Now I want to tell about an equally important aspect – the real causes of panic attacks which are personal and so – different for every person, though some could be somehow generalized. These reasons hide in the psychological structure of the individual.

From this paragraph I can already change the style of the text to a more “friendly” one, because there will be more practice and experience than the theory. As always, I share my experience and having an analogy with your state, you will be able to find the true causes of your own panic attacks too. In my case the main reason was hidden in dissatisfaction with myself. This dissatisfaction was inner, unconscious, which had never been openly revealed. Having reached a certain mature age I continued to live one day. I did not have enough independence because it was comfortable for me that way and I lived like that. But time goes by and when at the same age most peers have families and children, I got stuck thinking something is wrong with me. It was oppressive to me, I wanted to make more money because I thought that way I would definitely solve all my problems, I started drinking to “forget” but eventually nothing changed and I had even more disappointment and discontent, the nervous system was depleted from constant stress and negative thoughts, although from the outside I seemed to everyone smiling and happy. Keeping true emotions in yourself is another reason why there are panic attacks appearing. According to the law of energy conservation, this “bad” energy needs to get out somewhere, otherwise it will sooner or later “break through the dam” and panic attacks will take fair place.

What did I need to do to prevent panic attacks from happening? Start living my own life, even when it’s scary – to take a step to nowhere. Do it the way I wanted, but not listen to others, even if they “are all right”. Do not be too dependent on the thoughts of others and “bend your line” even if the people around you say that you are not right, you can not do something, you will not achieve success in doing it and stuff. They will give examples of common sense and so on. Do not give up, because at first it will be very difficult, especially because of weak willpower which is usually common case for people who suffer from panic attacks.

In addition to subconscious causes and dissatisfaction, the occurrence of panic attacks is provoked by strong or continuous stress. For me the source of such constant stress was my work which I did not like, because I was humiliated there morally through a bunch of reasons, but I kept working there for about three years. It was exactly during my work when my repeating panic attacks began to happen. In parallel with this work, I worked on my projects on the Internet, but could not give them enough time. Now I see what would be correct way out of that situation: plan how much minimum time it would take to work there to accumulate certain amount of money, such a money pillow which would help me the first time when I resign. Then I should have a little rest – 2 or 3 weeks, the best thing is to go somewhere to the mountains or to the nature for this time just to switch the flow of thoughts. After that I should go to some physical work at a certain period of time – for 2-3 months, it could be work at home or I could go abroad. Physical work is important, because it is quite simple, it helps to renovate nervous system, but at the same time you remain to be social, you do not hide from people, do not close in yourself and what is also essential – you keep earning for living. After that period of time it is okay to come back to Internet projects or some office work if you would like to.

Physical work contributes to the restoration of the nervous system and the normalization of the balance of all systems in the body, because whoever said, our body for years in the process of evolution was formed as a physical machine for obtaining food and for this it was necessary to pass or run a few kilometers daily in the forest or mountains to get food, or to work physically on the field or in the animal husbandry, but suddenly you can get this food by sitting in front of the monitor sometimes without even leaving your home; going to the office is the same thing, so whether it is home-based or office-based in this aspect it does not matter – and in general you transfer your time to money and money to food. How much time does most of humanity work in offices? Well, no more than 40-50 years, in some countries even less. The body is not able globally to rebuild in such a short period and adequately adapt. Our body was designed by nature for doing physical activity and we must take this into account. But what we do now? We torment our body with physical inactivity and body starts to behave like rebel, throwing out adrenaline and stress hormones, signaling that something is wrong.

As for your own activities – doing what you like is overwhelming. When you accumulate some funds enough for 3 to 7 months of independent free living begin to finally take care of what your soul really wants. Start doing something you were dreaming about, but never done before. You will be surprised how many opportunities you get, how problems would be easily solved and you will get real pleasure and money from your new activity because that is what you really wanted. All you have just dreamed of dulling at the computer in the office, feeling nervous and wasting the days of your priceless life for unnecessary activity. In the universe everything is formed this way – if you are satisfied with yourself and you are on your way, it will provide you with help, opportunities to realize yourself, open new horizons in front of you and much more. Make a step towards what was created, do not torture yourself and the body will stop signaling you with panic attacks that you are on the wrong path. Complexes and doubts will also disappear by themselves, because when you do what you like, you can turn the mountains on the path, you cannot see or overcome all the obstacles on your way and be happy with it. Because you like the process yourself and all you get from it financially, then you are becoming more confident in yourself because everything takes its place and you are not interested in the opinion of others in the good sense of the word. That’s how it works and it’s been checked by many, including me. You can do it too, so do not doubt it.

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