The causes of YOUR panic attacks

Causes of panic attacks are divided into two types: 1) immediate, which directly cause panic attack (the same for all people), and 2) global (different for every person, but hiding in the psychological psychotype of a person, in the “depths of the soul” of each person).

Working on the first causes allows you to understand what panic attack actually is, to reduce its strength and intensity at the very beginning, learn how to stop it, learn how not to be afraid of it, make person quickly be able to stop suddenly occurred panic attack. The result of your work on immediate reasons you will feel very quickly under condition you perform Steps to Fight Panic Attacks.

Not so easy it is with global reasons. Working with global causes takes much longer and helps to better understand and explore yourself, get rid of fears, complexes and negative patterns, get rid of bad habits and make the first step on the path of self-development so that panic attacks that we already learned to curb have never appeared again ever after.

Imagine that panic attack is a fire that suddenly arises. You are no longer afraid that it has appeared because you always have a fire extinguisher with you and you know how to use it to quickly extinguish the fire. But the fire still flares anyway from time to time and you still have to extinguish it from time to time. Perhaps the fire is not as strong as before, but it is vaguely – sometimes as a smoldering heat, sometimes burning more intense.

Working with global causes helps you to learn to create conditions in which “fire” can not occur – that is, to create moderate climate conditions instead of heat, to increase the humidity of the air so that a random spark does not ignite dry humus, in the end, the second point is work on the removal of dry humus, rubbish, wood, paper – all that easily lights up in hot weather. This humus, rubbish, wood, paper, and others – are negative thoughts, patterns, complexes and fears that are in your head. This is what really cause your panic attacks.

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