Sudden anxiety states, even when you seemed to be already healthy for a long time

Knowing that it is not good to get obsessed with own anxiety, I decided not to observe myself and all what is happening to me in such detailed way. I understood and knew before that long time detailed analysis increases general time of getting rid of anxiety, which then provokes panic attacks. But I wanted to know more about myself, to develop conditional reflexes, so that anxiety and panic attacks do not endanger the body and so it cease to “drive around the circle of panic attacks”, and I’ve done this “self-observation” experiment to share it with you, my readers, – people, who need this experience as a support and as a means of overcoming their own panic attacks and worries. So I was watching what my body was feeling almost every day of July, but then I got lazy one day, and then the other day… and I saw that when I do not think about panic attacks at all, I began to live my previous life without experiencing fears or anxieties, while watching TV or working on a computer I still did not feel any disturbing conditions for the first time. I began to devote more time to my hobby, to make more interesting and necessary purchases. Quite often these days I went to the post office and the miracle was that I no longer felt any anxiety there. And regardless of whether I was there either in the morning and was in a big queue or in the middle of the day with almost no queue. Where earlier I felt panic attacks, I was now feeling calm, as if like I was at home. The organism developed a conditioned reflex. So, starting to act from the opposite (visiting places I had strong panic attacks in) I began to fight the previous fears. It seems illogical at first glance, but it helps, because it is one of the methods of releasing from anxiety states in general and panic attacks as a part of anxiety in particular.

Let me tell you about one more moment. Somewhere a week I lived as before – no panic attacks and no anxiety states and one day in August I went to bed late – at 3 at night. I woke up the next day somewhere around 11 a.m. I felt so terrible as if I had a hangover. I realized again that it’s actually a nervous system problem, but not only alcohol, as I thought before. Alcohol may just accelerate the onset of panic attack in the phase of decompensation, which can aggravate anxiety, but it is not the cause of my disturbing condition, as I thought before. This strong feeling lasted somewhere for the first 5 minutes and then became somewhat weaker. I prayed – it switched my attention. Then I ate, drank tea, and on the contrary, I began to work at the computer and all again “turned to its place”. I’ve analyzed why this happened. The fact is that all these days there is terrible heat outdoors – about + 36 Celsius. It is a factor of stress for the body. Moreover, some years ago, when I was at the sea, I used to have terrible panic attacks and terrible states after such enormous heat + alcohol. Also, the previous day, I gave an increased physical activity – descent mileage on a bicycle where most of the road was under the scorching sun. For the nervous system it is also a great stress. Also, the previous day, I took a cold shower twice; such a hardening is also a great stress for the nervous system. So, too many stresses in one day and here you see the result. Here I see that in my case suitable only moderate physical activities, which help the best my nervous system to recover and become stronger.

There are still many problems, but there is obvious progress, so I believe that I am on the right path and at least I know how to act in this situation. Now I look forward to every obstacle and every place I have been trying to avoid because I used to have panic attacks there in the past. I’m looking forward to it because it is like having the opportunity to fight with my inner monster. Every time I win him, I become more confident, and most importantly – happier, because every time there is great joy. This is the work of oneself. But, under no circumstances do not think that if you have a strong panic attacks and anxiety with a hangover, you should drink more often and the next day learning to deal with anxiety. PROHIBITED! It is categorically not accepted to drink any alcohol, at least for the first half of the year, because alcohol is a strong poison, a psychostimulant, which has a very negative effect on the activity of the nervous system, and your nervous system is still sick at the moment. Therefore, until it has strengthened strongly enough – no alcohol, if you want to heal. Even beer. No alcohol at all. No exceptions. No alcohol on birthday nor for the New Year. Just play the game “Can I?” and develop (increase) your power of will. Developed strength of will is an additional plus to strengthening the nervous system, self-confidence, it helps in the struggle with complexes and fears and those things that others could think about you, so this is also an important step in the fight against anxiety states and panic attacks. Nobody here forces anyone – you want to recover, you should not drink alcohol, because each drink brings you a step back again.

So, I’m glad to share it all with you – those who know what it is, and maybe for some of you this information is very much needed now. What am I going to do now? It is almost three at noon, and having finished this article I feel pretty cool, although I started typing with feeling of some inner discomfort. The work concentrates us on the task and does not give bad thoughts to climb into the head, especially, if this is the work you like. Now it’s incredibly hot, I have recently drunk a large cup of black warm tea, so caffeine surely is going to make me almost unnoticeable “unpleasantly shivering” because earlier I was terribly afraid of this feeling as precursor of panic attack, and warm tea is also some kind of stress in such a heat. I’m going to do light exercises with dumbbells, relax a little and go to the warm shower that I’ll finish with cold. Then I will go to a cool darkened garage for meditation. That’s the kind of “struggle” I have today. Pick the head up – everything will turn out for you as well! Try to follow me, do what I do, find more information on this site… at least nothing except for own laziness disturbs you just to try and make your decisions later.

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