Step 4

This step is quite abstract, but some people believe that it is the most important one. This is faith in yourself and in your own well-being and optimism. Full recovering will not come quickly, but it should happen during less than a year period if you do everything right. If you started to work on yourself making those necessary steps and you did not improve much in a month period – this is normal. If at first you got better and then panic attacks returned – it’s also natural. It is rare miracle when panic attacks leave someone once and for all after just one day of training, but through work on yourself, optimism and a certain period of time thousands of people have got rid of panic attacks forever, including me, and you will get rid of them too.

You just need to know that the enemy is insidious – he can hide and then suddenly hit, you can lose the battle, but win the war – remember that and do not let yourself fall into despair.

On this site you will find what is panic attack; you will see that you should not be afraid of panic attack although they are unpleasant and sometimes scary; you will find examples of people who have got rid of panic attacks, and you will overcome this illness. And most importantly – here is described my practical experience in the fight against panic attacks, sometimes day after day, sometimes in months or other periods. You must know that panic attacks along with panic disorder is a fairly common disease in the modern world and it affects about 20% of people on the planet, so you are not unique and not the only one like that, but there is lots of such people. What happened to us or still happens is natural according to our way of life, upbringing, behavior, outlook and this can be cured. Panic attacks give us a chance to become better! Rise up your nose and go with faith in better!

Step 4 to get rid of panic attacks

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