Step 3

Analyze your life: what do you want to do in life, what would make you really happy? What thoughts worry you most often – write them down on a sheet of paper. Think a while and tell yourself sincerely what you really want to do in this life and what you would not want to do. No boundaries – just all you really would like to do not taking into account any circumstances, money, abilities, skills etc. The chances of changing life always exist and perhaps the underlying causes of your panic attack could be because of this displeasure as one of the reasons.

Learn to say “No” when it is needed, when in is proper to say NO or when you want to say so. At work, when you are hanging out with your friends, at home, in society – always when you see the necessity to say NO – say NO. For example, if you do not want to go to the bar hang out with your friends this evening – say NO, rather than joining the company “because everyone goes.” If you do not like something, if you feel not comfortable, if you do not want to do something – learn to say NO! Right now you do not even imagine how important it is and how much it will help you in the future. At first it will be extremely difficult, but you have to make small steps in the right direction; learn to say NO gradually, but vigorously and everything will turn out; the main thing is to get on this path.

Take a lot of letter size sheets or others, sit comfortably at a time when you are calm and no one sees you and does not interfere and try to remember when you first experienced panic attack. Write on the sheet a year and possibly month and places where panic attacks had happen. Put these places in rectangles – draw a line above and over the phrases which describe where panic attacks happened. You will discover a lot of interesting things about yourself, even if you think that you know everything about your body already. It is very interesting, but when I discovered where my panic attacks happened I have found reasons and I LOST my panic attacks – they stopped to happen with me and I had only anxiety, but only sometimes. This is the method which I invented for myself once and it really helped me. You can try it as well.

For example, I knew that my panic attacks often happened when I had a hangover, but after this exercise described above, I found 100% coincidence when I encountered panic attacks (!) – they happened when I could not leave a certain place of my own free will and when I need to wait in these places for a long time.

Step 3 to get rid of panic attacks

I see the reasons of my panic attacks in dissonance between who I am and whom I would like to  be (how I imagine myself), but the main catalyst that “helped” my first panic attack to happen was stressful work, which for a long time I did not dare to leave and just slowly was “killing” myself day by day. At first appeared discomfort when I could not leave the workplace on my own will. But the whole case happened when on a vacation I was in the bus, having hangover, weather was super hot and there were 500 kilometers almost without stops, I could not leave the bus when I wanted, I thought about it and as I felt bad and was scared that I could not do anything if something goes wrong with me – as the result I had a terrible panic attack that even my muscles were hardened – so much adrenaline was thrown into my blood. Since then my panic attacks have occurred in different places – in a room that I can not leave on my own – 100%, on the next day after a large amount of alcohol  – 70%, in the hot fierce weather – rarely, but happened; and in a bus panic attacks happened to me earlier in 30% of cases. As soon as I realized the reasons most of the panic attacks in these places gradually ceased to be, but what much helped me in this – it is meditation. Meditation helped me long time before I made a deep analysis of my true reasons of panic attacks.

In general, if you have the opportunity, it is better to visit a qualified psychologist, but only a qualified one who knows what panic attacks are and has a positive experience in treating people; who will help you to open up your fears, complexes and help you find the true underlying causes of your personal panic attacks. If you don’t want to visit psychologist or just can’t you will have to become a personal psychologist to yourself.

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