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Schedule your day mode, your personal day schedule or agenda, whatever you call it; write down it on the sheet of paper. Follow it, if necessary, correct it, but follow it. It might be very hard at first, but don’t get disappointed if you missed something, forget something or overslept – don’t get disappointed; provide some changes quickly and some changes slowly as it is normal and you can not change your lifestyle in one day, the main is to try to change it every day and make everyday efforts.

If you are currently unemployed anywhere, choose the sleep and rest mode which fits you the best right now. For example – you can go to bed at 1 am, but wake up at 10 am, but it should be the same every day. However, it is better to go to bed until 11 pm and sleep as much as your body needs, but if you work somewhere, you probably will not be able to have such a sleep regime; in such a case you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

If you work, develop a certain stable personal day mode when you go to bed and when you get up. Try to go to bed early and get up 2-3 hours before you go to work. If you are not working or working at home office you may be able to get some rest for the first two weeks and sleep as much as your body needs, but then after begin to live aloof in a certain regime that has been established by you – strengthen your will power, and it’s better to start living in such regime where you have at least 8 hours of sleep and go to bed until 11 pm.

The day regime should be such as including work and rest, work should be physical and mental, rest should be active and passive. For example –  you woke up at 6 am. Did your morning exercises. Shower. Meditation. Breakfast. Reading few pages of book. Go to work. Return from work. Then taking a bicycle and going for a ride for an hour. That’s not precise schedule, but just an example, although I guess you caught the idea.

Be sure to quit drinking any alcohol for at least half a year – even beer and low alcohol drinks. Your nervous system is currently ill and alcohol is very damaging to it. If you smoke, it’s best to quit at least for a month at the beginning, but quit smoking is the best choice.

Do not drink coffee, energy drinks, strong black tea and anything that contains caffeine and substances that have exciting affect at the nervous system. Many people often have panic attack in a while after a cup of coffee. Caffeine excites the nervous system and it is currently sick, so you need to keep it safe and not overload with different substances.

MEDITATION IS MUST HAVE. Among all that has been listed, meditation helped me and other people who got rid of panic attacks the most. For believers and other people I will explain – meditation is not religion and has nothing to do with something mystical and all sorts of wise words like chakras and energy either meditation does not mean necessary belonging to Buddhism. This is a long-standing practice of brain training that teaches you to relax, something like how you clean a basket on your desktop – so you clean up the unnecessary thoughts that came together in your head for the day, month, and all years.


It does NOT necessarily have mantras, conspiracies or words. One of the properties of meditation is the ability to calm the nervous system down, change negative thoughts and brain settings to positive ones, let bad thoughts peacefully go, calmly relate to tense and stressful situations, have ability to overcome difficult situations and much more interesting. Everyone can begin to practice it at once in any calm and comfortable environment – at home, in the woods, in the garage, in the room. Do NOT treat meditation negatively, biased or as I did – I did everything except for meditation, or did something like I thought to be “practice” lying on my bed after reading about meditation on the Internet and falling asleep. I underestimated its effect. After half a year my panic attacks still made me to start meditation. Do not repeat my mistakes and start practicing meditation when you start your own way of healing from panic disorder and panic attacks.


The circle of your communication is also important. If you are accustomed to going after work or studies for a beer every day, you will have to refuse to do so. If you are a young person and are accustomed to going to the club every week and drinking well, at least for a certain period of time you will have to give up. It will be difficult for you to explain it to friends, maybe relatives and especially to yourself, but it is necessary to do that to recover.

If you are young it seems to you that without all these things you got used to, the end of the world comes and life will become sad, pale and unhappy. Believe me, your life will become exactly the opposite.

Very often you can be wrapped up with a desire to recover, take all your will, start to do physical exercises, meditation and feel really better. Panic attacks disappear, you feel great and here your friend comes and say – “Come on, let’s go for a beer” and now you think you already recovered – everything is fine with you and you go again, forgetting about everything you achieved and the next day you are tormented by terrible feeling of anxiety. Friends are often very obnoxious and selfish. You need to avoid those companies that lead you down, which not let you go your own way, even if you think it’s all is cool. If that was cool, you probably would not have panic attacks.

I know that now you have a very weak willpower and it’s hard for you to refuse anyone in request, especially friends, but you have to learn how to refuse and say “NO”, because without it improvement will not happen. In general, it is better to stay with yourself for the first time and to refuse from noisy companies, crowded places and others – true friends will understand, and others … they are not friends for you. Find an option how to do this – move to live to your grandmother, take vacation, move to Bali – find your own way. You need some time – at least a month to fix new reflexes and lifestyles and it is important that nobody interferes with you.

Problem of panic attacks can not be overcome by just waiting. It will not disappear by itself unless you work on yourself. It may take hidden form for some time and you will not be disturbed, but as soon as there is a stressful situation a panic attack will appear again on the horizon if you not eliminate the root causes of its occurrence.

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