Release your own desires, do what you really want, do not be afraid

In my opinion, this is also the basis of a happy life without panic attacks. It works in at least two directions. You do what you like, it brings pleasure to you, youyr body rejoices. This is when we are talking about some business you do for a life and enjoy doing it. If the business you do because you like it also brings money and benefits other people, then not only your personal level of pleasure and motivation increases along with self-discipline, but also increases self-esteem, feeling that you are on the right path. Even if someone says something against you, you simply will not pay attention to it. However, you should never pay attention to what others say and do what you like, because it is your life and you live it. In my personl fight with panic attacks creation of this site and writing articles for it helped me very much, I felt that I did not just write some text on order or work, but because it goes from the soul, because it can help someone the way it helped me. It is going about the sense of my usefulness and necessity in the world, because I can also help people to improve, change their lives for the better. And this is something truly invaluable, intangible.

I’ve always had desire to have rest close to the nature. But not with a noisy company, barbecue and alcohol where everything develops in the standard scenario, but to go into the nature sensibly, watching and carefully observing everything I see. And now, after realizing the real problem of panic attacks, as one of the methods of physical training and training of the body and also as a wonderful tool that calms the nervous system and distracts from the thoughts I chose a bicycle. With a bike I realized that the distances that previously seemed distant were really very close. For example, the forest about which I often was watching online videos on YouTube is just 6 km away, and it’s 15 minutes by bike. I took my bike and went to that forest. In the forest I felt the wonderful smell of fresh wood air; I saw interesting trees; heard the sounds of birds and nature. In a word, I realized how just simple walk through the forest could relax you, inspire you and how full of strength you return to create something new, or with new forces you begin to do what had to be done for a long time and was waiting for its high time. Once on a dirt forest road, which is going in the middle of the forest, I got out of a bicycle, I took off my shoes and about a kilometer I went barefoot – because I wanted it so much. I also often watched videos where something was being cooked at the hearth in the woods. I really liked watching such videos and when I was in a bad mood watching such videos I was very inspired, as if getting into a better world, a better mood. Our body is very wise and it knows itself what it needs, but it does not know how to speak, so it gives us hints that need to be understood and correctly explained. After several walks in the forest I  took food with me next time I went, I made a fire and prepared this food on the fire. I can not convey how much pleasure it brought me! Now I try to do it more often. Parting with friends or using of questionable drinks does not give such satisfaction. As a former smoker, I’ll say more and more – the smokers think that the cigarette is relaxing – in fact, it only increases nervousness and tension. Nothing relaxes so much like a three-minute meditation or exercise with meaningful breathing. No alcohol will give you what gives 15 minutes of cycling, half an hour of walks in the woods, 15 minutes of a fast road back and a shower. Try it – it’s all for free, naturally, and most importantly – efficiently. It all helped me get rid of panic attacks.

In order to get rid of panic attacks complex work is needed and my method is: moderate physical activity, the best is a bicycle, swimming, fresh air, outdoor walks, where you can stay alone; meditation – even if you have never tried once and it seems you are not able to continue, something went not well and so on, even if you tried to meditate for the first time and it seems that nothing is coming out – it actually does, but you may not feel it or may not realize it; these first two methods are the basis, but only they have significantly improved my condition in 2 weeks, except these two methods you need to: do the morning exercises; to make day mode with rest and work and follow it in 85%; completely abandon drinking alcohol, at least half a year; It is advisable to quit smoking if you smoke; in parallel with this, begin to analyze the causes of your past that could have affected your present and become the underlying causes of constant anxiety fear and their apogee – panic attacks; you need to understand yourself and what makes you oppressed, what you do not like; you hve to eliminate these barriers and reasons – work well with the psychologist, find your complexes, fears, phobias and understand what you need to get rid of it, and the only way to do this is to sincerely recognize it – in front of someone, in front of yourself, and better – both; start doing what you like. It can be a hobby, a favorite thing, something that you always wanted, but I did not dare to do it. In many cases, it has helped people even start earning very big money in comparison with their former work; to feel the pleasure of life and true harmony in themselves.

And the main thing: if you do not like something, just do not do it. If you do not like your job, do not look for support from loved ones or close friends – each one will advise something what is closed to himself, based on his own experience, not yours. One will say quit the job immediately, the other will advice whatever to stay and you’ll get even more frustrated. If you want to quit your permanent job – just quit. But do it gradually, say, in three months. Prepare a springboard for departure – capital for the first time, a spare work place. You may have a small business or hobby that you like and it gives you some small income, but because of your regular permanent work that you do not like, you give a little time to your hobby or business – try to think of your hobby or little business as the main source of income and your main job. If you quit permanent workplacement you hate so much, which is a strong source of stress by the way, and start to do what you like yourself with discipline – you will be the happiest person in just a year. Quitting the previous hateful work do not go straight to the other work, because you have to start earning, becauseyou have not worked for a week already… – these are false unnecessary thoughts. Throw them away from your head. Allow yourself to “reset” for 2-3 weeks, but do not just sit back on a chair and do not relax for too long so not to start degrading. Had some rest? – Now go ahead to start a new job. You will feel how much time you need to rest and restart yourself and it is individually for everyone. The main thing is to get pleasure from new work and from life, if there is not enough enjoynment at work – get more pleasure from life, from hobbies, and in the future, change work to the one that you like – this is also very important when it comes to panic attacks and their deep root causes.


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