Panic attacks have helped me change my life for the better – I’m enjoying this!

What I will say today would probably sound absurd for many people – I am grateful my panic attacks and the anxiety that they have once appeared in my life. I will explain why I am so grateful God for for having this troubles. The fact is that we often do not know what is good for us, and what is bad and we live in this world somehow. We follow other people’s ideas and desires, settings and advices, we go to work because everyone does, we go to study because we think we need to get a good future job; very rarely we listen to our heart, which in fact tells us what we want to do and how to live. We live our past and future assumptions, but we forget about moment we live in right now. We often refuse to change the world that surrounds us only because we feel guilty in front of someone else – parents who wanted us to become lawyers, doctors or teachers, and spent money and efforts on our studying; we are afraid to offend relatives who helped find a job for us and although we do not like it we do not leave it; we are going abroad to work to escape from the circumstances, and only at first there is really something new and interesting out there, but in reality everything remains the same – because you will not escape from yourself. Are you personally familiar with anything of this? It is life not based on your desires, it is rather the fulfillment of what others want or expect from you; all these things cause constant discomfort and stress inside you – constant, even when you are asleep, and add to this all also stresses in your personal life – at work, the flow of negative news, alcohol, sit-up work, bad physical condition of the body – and if you do not react to it in any way and continue to slowly torture and kill yourself, the body must somehow react to it, doesn’t it? And body reacts with panic attacks – note that although they are unpleasant, they have never killed anyone. Panic attacks are a way of our wise body to bring us to the point that we do something wrong, we do not live how we want, we do not what we really want to do, and so on – for each pearson reasons are individual, but they can be brought under a certain common denominator.

From my personal experience, and from the experience of other people who have released from panic attacks I can say – panic attacks allow you to change your life for the better. After you begin to live a full life, do your favorite things, support your body in a healthy way (and, as we know, a healthy body has a healthy spirit), you work on yourself through meditation (cleanitg the “brain trash” – letting go different annoying thoughts, anxieties, fears), analyze your life and behavior in relation to yourself and to people around you, improve yourself – panic attacks will not occur, because they just have no reason to happen. There is no reason, because if your finger is sticking to the cold iron, you will not get it burned – the same is here – there is no fire that all the time hits the iron to which you sticked your finger – by “fire” is in this case we mean anxiety, discontent, bad thoughts and constant tension – conscious and unconscious.

Panic attacks have helped me change my life for the better - I'm enjoying this!

After two and a half months, as I began to work on myself, I felt how much for better life could be changed if you understood what you really want from it. Panic attacks have helped me understand – you’re going not the right way! After I started taking morning exercises (or not only in the morning, but when I wake up), riding a bike for long distances, walking on the nature, do meditation, I began to emulate from literally most of everything I do during the day. I’m glad when I managed to wake up early and see how the city and nature are waking up. I make a little physical activity and I know that for some time I would feel a little discomfort, but then I will be energetic and cheerful throughout the day. I go to the shower and I have nice warm water and cold water, which tightens me, and then again the heat seems even more pleasant. Water flushes my tiredness from morning exercises. Next, I know that I am waiting for a hot and delicious mint tea with a bun and butter and two small candies – just to enjoy breakfast, and this pleasure does not end there – then I am going to have 10-minute morning meditation. I rejoice at every moment of my life and from waiting for pleasant, free, simple, everyday things that bring me joy. After meditating, I’m both – very energetic at the same time, but calm and able to focus on my tasks – on what I have to do. My work is also pleasing for me, because it brings pleasure to me – and I look forward to it, because what I do is useful to other people, I help them in some way, and I also rejoice at what it brings to me; undoubtedly, material pleasure is also important because I can spend my income on myself and my family, that is, bring joy to myself and family again. I do what I had previously doubted and I know that it is what I have created myself. I feel confident in myself and in my strengths and abilities; I no longer go into a boring job, waiting for the end of the day when the stupid phone is calling non-stop, going for constant smokes and coffee, which made me even more nervous; I don’t have a need to perform all idiotic tasks of the superior or colleagues who are higher in their status at work, but somewhere quite far with their intelligence and personal develpment level – and thus I am not just simply living through precious moments of my life.

I completely began to treat alcohol differently – although this is a relatively easy way to get pleasure for a short time, then there will come a payback – a hangover and a blow to the nervous system and health in general, and the joy of life can be received constantly, free of charge and without a hangover on the next day; and in the case of panic attacks, alcohol is forbidden in general, because the nervous system is so exhausted, and alcohol only makes it worse. That is why all those who last night drank with you have usual hangover and you have unbearable torment.

I’ve lost weight on my face, my sides have disappeared, but I have not put too much physical effort into it and I have not used a special diet. Scientists have investigated that stress affects the hormonal state of the body, which promotes the deposition of fat on the belly and sides – I think this is my variant 🙂 . And although I still have a tummy, I love my body as it is, but I’m sure that the belly will disappear. If it were not for the panic attacks that had happened to me, which, as a guide, showed me where to go, it would all happen in the future, and I’m sure it would lead to more sad consequences.

By the way, places where I was afraid to visit because of panick attacks now I visit freely without a fear – I either do not feel anxiety at all or instead of it I have only a little more frequent heartbeat and some slight discomfort – the conditional reflex of anxiety has not yet completely disappeared. Such places for me were – a queue at post office, in a bank, places that I can not leave on my own at the moment I want. That’s how my life changed for two and a half months, and if my example inspired you, nothing prevents you from starting to do at least some of the above. Gradually you will come to the point that you will understand how much this lifestyle is better and add other items, or even find something of your own. I’m not saying that you will change all your habits radically, but you will start to live much better. For example, I smoke cigarettes after about a month’s break, but I usually do it in the evening after the end of the day or in the afternoon, but only when I want to; it is not a company habit anymore. For example, somewhere when I watch the nature I could have a smoke, but in general now I smoke 3-4 cigarettes a day. Of course, this is not good, but I still want to. However, it is better to quit smoking if you suffer from panic attacks. Alcohol is not consumed by me at all – and I do not want to, besides, it is forbidden during panic attacks. The same thing with caffeine – I do not drink coffee, although I did not like it before, and I love herbal or green tea instead.

I wish you too gradually come to such a path where you can do what you want and feel joy of life. In fact, life consists of a large number of small moments and the more such happy moments you have, the happier will your life in general. And even if it sounds weird – let panic attacks help you with this, because now you are at the start of a long but interesting and pleasant road called self-improvement.

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