Panic attacks and alcohol

A very important article which will help you understand what’s really happening to you. All this I survived myself, so here I can be the best expert. In our time, when lifestyle and culture are closely related to alcohol, you just need to read what’s happening with you.

“Get up in the morning next day after party and feel very strong anxiety. The next day after alcohol I’m afraid to stay at home alone. I prayed to God to make me feel better on the next day after drinking a lot. Everyone has usual hangover and I terribly scared to go to work today because of such hangover. After drinking alcohol the second day I felt a sudden attack of fear and anxiety, chest torsing, a feeling that I was dying, wanted to call 911. After drinking coffee on the next day after drinking heavily I felt very scary, chirping and my hands were numb, the heart was beating very quickly – I called 911 but they said everything is ok. I’m not like everyone else – I am very scared and feel badly hangovered – maybe this is alcoholism? Having drunk alcohol, the fear and anxiety disappear – am I an alcoholic? “- If any of this is about you, or something similar – you are where you need to be. I’ll explain what’s up with you. But of course, it is needed to visit a doctor, because all I write here is just my experience which could be not suitable for you or your assumption.

There is such a disease of the nervous system that is included in the registry of diseases of the nervous system – anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Occurs in the background of constant stress and inhibition of the nervous system, and at the moment of additional strong blow to the nervous system, which can be anything – the conflict at home, at work, the death of a loved one, and MAY ALWAYS – excessive intake of alcohol and often enough – caffeine – that is, substances , which have a severe negative impact on the nervous system. Because of such influence occures a panic attack – the very huge unclear animal fear, where you think that you are dying, that you have gone mad, that you have a heart attack, and your friends and relatives are concerned and shrag their shoulders because they don’t know what is happening with you and you do not understand it either. Often close people do not believe you and say that you have all thought up, which further makes you doubt yourself and “think” that you are special, that you are the only one like that; that you are crazy, that you are going to die, that you are sinful and so on.

So, most likely you have a panic disorder, the extreme manifestation of which is panic attacks. Although, going to the hospital and checking the state of the body, in particular, the cardiovascular system is necessary, but I think that you might have described earlier disease. However, I’m not a doctor, but only from my own experience describe possible symptoms and express my thoughts. Good about this is that you are NOT an alcoholic, as you might think, although an alcoholic may also have panic attacks, and a person who experiences panic attacks and tries to “solve” them with alcohol is at high risk of becoming an alcoholic. How does this happen?

The source of panic attacks is constant stress, which often lasts for years or months. This is not a sudden dispute in the store or scandal at home. It’s something else, that’s what you constantly live in. As a rule, it is a job that you do not like, where you are waited with excessive expectations, an atmosphere of quick result and superiority prevails. It may be work on connected with telephone calls, often unpleasant, which brings a lot of stress, where people are forced to do what they do not want. On this background the person subconsciously is looking for a way out – he / she is complaining to his / her friends and relatives, but not finding the way out and not quitting the job due to many reasons – salary, family maintenance, weak will power, and so on… begins to consume alcohol to calm down. But the craziness of alcohol is that it only initially calms a little, and then depresses already sick nervous system, body can not withstand it and you have a panic attack. This is a way how your body conveys you that you are on the wrong way. The right way is to take away the source of stress – to get rid of stressful work, stop communicating with unpleasant people, visit the psychologist and identify and resolve the internal conflict, etc. Perhaps you also feel dissatisfied with yourself, or do not live your life. For example, at school all the relatives expected you to be an excellent student and to receive only the highest scores from all subjects, and if you suddenly got a bad mark, perhaps even because of the teacher’s bias, or you just did not have enough time or desire to learn, then you were greatly humiliated or even beaten at home. You were forced to be a perfectionist – to live in such a framework, in which it is unrealistic and unbearable to live and this causes constant stress and dissatisfaction with yourself, and unpredictable expectations become a trauma to you. Such education has a continuation in adult life, because the model of this behavior is tolerated in adulthood. I just gave an example, but with it, everyone can make their own analogy if necessary.

Where is the trap of alcohol when having panic attacks?

As I have already said, alcohol for some time makes you relaxed, calms the nervous system down and you feel good at this moment yourself, there are no anxieties and no panic attacks. Then you observe that in the state of alcoholic intoxication you do not have panic attacks, being drunk you don’t have that fear of anxiety and begin to use alcohol more often. Even worse, if on the next day after drinking you felt a terrible anxiety that had escalated into a panic attack and in order to eliminate it you have chosen drinking alcohol again. For some time alcohol really calms the panic attack, but firstly it does not relieve its true cause, secondly, it harms the nervous system more, and it causes new and new panic attacks that people try to calm down with alcohol again and can not stop. This is a vicious circle that causes alcohol addiction and people often start to treat it if they have time to do it. But when person stops drinking alcohol and thinks panic was happening because of alcohol, but panic attacks come back again and again without alcohol. Person does not understand how come? Why this keeps happen? The answer is very easy. The reason for panic attacks is not alcohol, it only provokes their appearance sometimes, but the real causes is in your head and they need to be detected and only then you have a chance to get rid of panic attacks.

I have given an example above that often work can be a powerful source of stress, but often there are other sources. For example, you were beaten badly in the past and you are afraid to walk in the street at night or a husband is constantly screaming at his wife and spread the real tyranny at home where she is scared to return from work, and so on. Every reason is individual, but many of them can be identified.

What to do if you have panic attacks after alcohol?

Firstly, for some time, stop using alcohol. Any kind and at all. Secondly, start working on yourself – keep to the day mode, do exercises, practice meditation. If you smoke – it is preferable to quit or at least reduce the number of cigarettes per day. Thirdly, you have to understand the real causes of panic attacks and get rid of this sources. It’s time to stop doing what you do not like, start devoting more time to yourself and your true interests, doing your favorite job – in short, find yourself and you will see how quickly your life will change for better. If yesterday you had way too much alcohol and today you have a panic attack best help gives meditation. Meditation will calm an attack down in a few minutes. This day try not to overload the nervous system. Go somewhere to the nature – to the river, in the forest – where there are no people. Drink plenty of water. Do NOT drink any alcohol, because it will only be worse and worse. No one talks about it a lot, but alcohol is a powerful drug, a psychotropic one, albeit legal but it negatively affects any nervous system even of a healthy person, and in your case it is generally inadmissible to use alcohol for at least half a year. After all, it’s your life and it is only up to you to decide.

How can I be without alcohol even during panic attacks?

You have to realize that you have a sick nervous system. People who have liver disease or a heart disease do not drink too, so you must stop doing this as well.

Do I have to quit drinking alcohol forever if I have panic attacks?

If you do not have alcoholism, then it is not necessary. Do not drink alcohol at least half a year. The nervous system will be restored – everything will stand on it’s place, but do not rejoice prematurely that you will be able to swoop again thoughtlessly. You start to drink alcohol and the nervous system may fail again. The treatment of panic attacks means, first of all, a change in lifestyle, and secondly, even a world outlook. One of the compulsory methods in treating panic attacks is meditation. Believe me, even after two months of daily meditation you will begin to look differently at alcohol, at people who use it, your state and feelings when you are drunk, and those who spend most of their days looking into the glass. It will happen naturally itself, slowly and gradually, but it will necessarily take place as soon as you begin to be treated from panic attacks. If you do not perceive this information right now, you will return here anytime sooner or later, but maybe after your compulsory visit to hospital. Do not bring yourself and your body to trouble. Fate gives you the chance to become better and to live a qualitatively new, happy life, though, one hundred percent now you do not yet understand it, even more – you oppose to this information. This is normal, because we all grew up in such a society and in this way of life, therefore, we now have a worldview that needs to be changed and the body first signals to you about it, although not in the most pleasant way – with panic attacks.

Everybody drinks, and how will I be in the team?

It is up to you to decide whether you want to be cured of anxiety disorder and panic attacks, or become a burden for relatives in the future, to fall into depression, lock up in 4 walls and become an alcoholic. The treatment of panic attacks is NOT compatible with alcohol. Therefore, you decide for yourself what way you do NOT drink it. There are many athletes who do not drink alcohol, there are sick people who do not use it. You are sick too. After healing from panic attacks, alcohol can be allowed on holidays, but this should not be a visit to the bar every friday night until early morning, and then the club on Saturday and so on. Somebody may live this life, but it is not for you; but you do not have to feel miserable or inferior because of this, and if you start working on yourself to get rid of panic attacks (and you will start), you will see how much more lucky you are than those who continue drink on the weekends non stop and wasting their life by the scheme work-tavern-bed-work; you will see that panic attacks have helped to change your life dramatically for the better although at first you had to suffer, to be afraid, and then begin to recover.  You need to understand that the style of life that you lead now is not compatible with the concept of health and your true vocation and the future; you are a free being that can deal with what you really want, but you have set limits yourself and these limits are in your own head; maybe your relatives or the environment “helped” you to make these limits, the essence is not in this. I’m more than sure that you are not working on the physical body, do not do sports – do not even do morning exercises, do not go at least on a bike ride and do not go swimming. You almost never go to the nature or on a walk. Most of the time you spend at a computer – at work, then at home. At home, you watch television, often discouraging news, or read them online. You spend time without a goal in social networks watching useless stuff. You just live in inertia. You have never tried meditation, but are already negatively accepting even the thought that you to start meditation and do not consider it a serious thing, but in vain – it is 90% thanks to meditation I got rid of panic attacks and feel happy. You do not have a plan for the next 5 years, 3 years or at least a year. During the rest you will perceive alcohol, a club or a cafe where all this is plentiful and for your own money, earned on heavy stressful work. Even if you’ve gotten into nature – there’s definitely “a sea of alcohol” – how could the party be without it? I, the author of this site, was just like described above – I lived my life without purpose and suffered panic attacks. But once I came to an understanding and thought: Hey! I wonder if this is really what you want, whether it is any ideas embedded in your head by films, advertising, television or friends or relatives, where they also got imbedded them by the same ads, movies, TV, and world outlook. Often the lifestyle we are living is something that is beneficial and interesting to someone else and for some purpose, but not for ourselves. Remember yourself in childhood. You were happy for simple things – to run, to play, to eat a pear. And today you somehow think that you can not stop drinking alcohol even for half a year, because life without it it is not interesting, not fun, you will be condemned, frieds will not understand you, etc. Such patterns did not come at once, and it’s not easy to get rid of them, and you should not get rid of each, but still you need to get rid of most of these negative patterns and thoughts andit is necessarily to start, especially if you have panic attacks and constant increased anxiety.

There are people who are suffering from panic attacks and in order not to feel them go for beer or something stronger. But this does not eliminate the problem. And so again and again in a circle. If this person accidentally finds himself in a place where there is no shop or beer or alcohol or does not have the means at his disposal, a panic attack can start only from the thought that she has no way of “helping” herself if a panic attack begins, namely: no beer, and if a panic attack begins, what to do? How to find beer if there is no store?! The shop is closed! I have no money! Such thoughts and as the result – a long and strong panic attack is ready for action – covers from head to toes. This is very similar to alcoholism, because a person feels the need for alcohol, but it is not true. The person has need for something to eliminate panic attack. A person is looking for a way to stop the panic attack and fear, and found a bad way – alcohol, which although helps almost instantaneously, but then it oppresses nervous system even more, sometimes even to horror. Soothing pills can be used in the same way. As soon as they are absent in the pocket, a person begins to worry, panic and panic attack is not waited for long. A person is looking for a way not to experience panic attacks and how not to feel them.

I will teach you how to get rid of panic attacks in a natural and free way, as I was running to buy beer at the time of the attack, and I also drank the pills, but everything only gave an instantaneous effect. An effective way to get rid of panic attacks is meditation. 5-10 minutes and the most terrible panic attack disappears. It helped me a lot, and if you do not believe – nobody prevents you at least to try. It’s free and does not take much time, and the effect is simply splendid. Meditation works here in many ways – it helps to reduce the amount of panic attacks, their strength, to understand what to do during an attack, teaches how not to be afraid of an attack, teach you to understand yourself and find the real reasons why panic attacks have arisen in general.

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