How to make panic attacks never return

I have understood one of my personal global problems – I was afraid to be in the social world, I was uncomfortable with it. It did not arise just by itself, but it arose, as I think, in my childhood due to my children’s complexes. The paradox is that, in fact, being in society never frightened me, but on the contrary – I love it, I know how to make fun, I love people and people love to communicate with me, but the barrier that prevents me from stepping up towards communication is when I stay at home for a long time and I begin to think different thoughts which prevent me from easy life without complexes and a block the feeling of joy from every day of my live. This barrier is formed by just negative thoughts, which have been formed over the years and have already developed into a certain type of behavior patterns. Now I will say one interesting thing that may seem like a riddle: namely, these thoughts are not so terrible, but our response to them is important, that is, how we react to invented by ourselves thoughts.

For example, you have a clothes that is very tight for the body and you are overweight. You like this clothes, but you are afraid to dress it, because it seems that wearing it and walking through the main street of your small town you will definitely meet a thin and slim figured ex-classmate who works at the bank just right on the main street and you will meet her suddenly for sure and feel embarrassment because of your figure and this clothes and because she is so perfect and you are not. You begin to scroll this idea in your head: you think at what time it is better to go to main street so not potentially meet this ex-classmate accidentally?; now I will not go because there will be a lunch break and she can go outside and see me; you think it’s better not to go through the main street, but to get around using other streets, but… what if you meet her even there on remote street? Or you will meet some from the neighbors and they will see you … or … and thus this thought begins to grow like a snowball with other unpleasant thoughts and as the result you do not go out at all or wear other clothes and remain dissatisfied. Why? Because the real reason of your dissatisfaction with yourself is overweight. To bring everything back in the right place there are two ways, and the first one is to lose weight. But this may be unrealistic, difficult, exhausting, it may take several years to lose weight. And there is another way and it is the one effective. Imagine that you have lost weight, but you have a different, far-fetched problem – you are of low height and never be tall. Even on the heels you are pretty short. What shall you do? After all, you can not change how tall you are. There is the way out: you must stop being hostage of your own thoughts. Change your attitude. Do not fight with thoughts, do not stop them – because it is unrealistic, do not accept or analyze them, but simply let them flow and fly away. Got a negative thought? Well, let it “swim” farther. You thought that you are fat, but disregarding that thought you dressed your favorite clothes and walked on your own business, not allowing other thoughts to come up against you. You walk and you are happy to have such a good mood, this dress is so cool, and today, even tonight, you have dance lessons that you really love; and you will start to go to the gym, and although you are cool enough, after half a year you will be slim and strong beauty. Low in height? Well, so what? I love myself as I am and men still like me because I have big… eyes. Thoughts like these need to be cultivated more often, but it is necessary not to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, it is necessary to skip the negative thoughts that come to your mind without paying attention to them and try to remain in a positive mood.

That is why, for example, meditation is recommended by many people and me as well not only to fight against panic attacks, but also to better understand yourself. Meditation teaches not only to relax, but also to keep track of your thoughts simply by watching them and letting them go on without thinking about them. After all, in reality, most situations are neutral and this is our thoughts that make them unpleasant, terrible, annoying, therefore, we must learn to let negative thoughts go and not pay attention to them, so that they have no influence on our mood and style of behavior and no influence on our life in general which would give us opportunity to enjoy the life. Does this seem strange and incomprehensible to you? This is normal. First of all, I must say that meditation is not some occult science or a mystical cult and stuff. It is a certain practice of learning on yourself, your body – based on observing yourself in a state of relaxation, focusing on your breath, for example. Meditation is a broad concept and I gave just a simple, brief and superficial explanation for a beginner. Today on the Internet and on television this topic is often shrouded in mysticism, chakras, mantras and so on. Some people think that only Buddhists are engaged in meditation and that they need to learn specially. I will say that all this is not so. Everyone can practice meditation in their free time, at home or in fact – anywhere. This is one of natural ways to relax, clear your thoughts, strengthen the nervous system, improve your health and overall body condition, an affordable, easy and wonderful way to get to know your inner and outer self better and understand your problems, wishes, needs.

To many meditation helped to get rid of panic attacks and anxieties. Of course, this is not panacea – like if you started meditating and panic attacks are gone. This is rarely possible. Meditation is one of many instruments of “fighting” against panic attacks (although, probably, the strongest one) that helps to understand the underlying causes of panic attacks, as well as relaxes and strengthens the nervous system at the same time, but it should be used in combination with other methods, although it is pretty powerful even by itself. Rapid meditation just in a few seconds can significantly reduce the power of panic attack and makes you completely forget about it in a few minutes. The mediation has such a positive effect on the nervous system that in many places where panic attacks have arisen earlier, they simply do not arise anymore, and if even they arise then they have much less power than before and are not as terrible as it seemed before and it is only the matter of time when panic will be completely eliminated under condition you keep meditate regularly. How I, the author of this site, use meditation and other methods you will find in the “Panic Attack Diary” section, where I described what I was doing every day in order to overcome panic attacks. This is actually a short diary of every day of my life during a certain period of time where you can learn interesting things to yourself.

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