12 tips to reduce quantity of panic attacks till 2-3 only in a month and reduce their strenghts till 90%

I write this so confidently, because I managed to do all what is exactly said in the topic. From regular and daily panic attacks in May, spontaneous panic attacks in June, strong nervous upheavals in June (break up with girlfriend; uncertainty in the future; alcohol, which so strongly oppressed me the next day, that I was panicked and afraid of what would be further), obsessive thoughts and constant anxiety – to life almost without panic attacks in late July, almost complete absence of obsessive anxious thoughts. You may think that I am a very volitional person, whether I act by an instruction of a doctor, and I strongly keep to the mode of the day – not at all. I myself think that I did only 20% of what I would have done in the way of my progress in getting rid of panic attacks, anxiety, uncertainty and constant expectation of new panic attacks. You need to understand that to get rid of panic attacks suddenly and quickly is impossible, the whole process can take half a year or more, but significantly reduce the number and intensity of panic attacks can be possible in a month, and the first efficiency you are going to feel in a week.

What should I do to get rid of panic attacks for a month? Or 10 specific steps:

  1. Tune in to positive thinking – panic attacks interfere in our life disturbing and annoying, but we are given this experience to make corrections over mistakes and not torture ourselves and our bodies in the future with the lifestyle and the way of life we live today. Remember that although panic attacks are very uncomfortable and even terrifying – no one has ever died of it. Most people who work correctly on themselves get rid of panic attacks and anxiety and you will be able to.
  2. You have to be prepared for changes; you should know that very often there will be no motivation and you will have to get yourself to do everything what is recommended.
  3. Stop using any alcohol completely, even beer or cocktail at least for half a year.
  4. If you smoke – quit smoking. It is desirable to quit forever, but to start at least for three months. If you can not quit quickly at once – just reduce the number of cigarettes, and if you really want to smoke – do it in the evening after work, but not a couple of cigarettes in a row. Smoking cessation should be meaningful, not flour, where you will wait when the three months will end and you will light up again. In a month after you quit – you will see how much smoking actually increases anxiety, which then provokes panic attacks.
  5. Write down on the sheet of paper the day mode for each day. For example – wake up at 6:30 in the morning, a morning warm up at 06:40, morning exercises – 06:50, morning shower – 07:05, morning meditation – 07:30, breakfast – 07:50. All this should be done, even if you feel bad, uncomfortable – stop feeling sorry for yourself. Just do everything. Already in three days it will be much easier to do it all. It’s especially important to do everything under the regime if you work at home-office behind a computer.
  6. Meditation is extremely important. It helps the most out of all other methods. Meditation is a must when you have anxiety and panic attacks. I recommend doing easy meditation for beginners, using focusing on breath, focusing on parts of the body or both.
  7. Moderate physical activity. I recommend riding bicycle. If it is summer or you live in warm climate – swimming in river, lake, pond (of course, where it is allowed and if you can swim) is great way for physical activity, joining with nature and improving mental health. Visiting a swimming pool is also a good choice, but natural basins are better.
  8. Interaction with the society. If you are working at home or are afraid of the community because of panic attacks – you have to do everything the opposite way. At first you can be in the society not for long time, then do it more often and for longer. Otherwise, the body will perceive society and accumulation of people as a threat and begin to turn on the panic attack regime. Sometimes it will be enough to just walk in the park or in the street. Sometimes you can go to the cafe, stand in line, order a cup of herbal tea, sit and drink it. Advices in this point are addressed more to those who recover from anxieties at home, but if you have regular work, visit stores, drive a car – you can omit this step.
  9. Begin to do what you always wanted. You can start doing it gradually. Want to draw pictures? Buy brushes, paint, take sheets, go to the garage or basement, where no one will interfere and draw the way you want. You can watch videos on YouTube, where you learn to do this. You will get real pleasure from the process. You like watching fishing on the TV, but you never did it yourself – buy a fishing tackle, learn to fish yourself, go to the river and have fun. The main thing is to do what you like. This may not be just one thing, but a few. From these things very much depends your healing from panic attacks and its speed.
  10. Rotate active and passive rest. For example – a boat ride along the river in the morning and reading a book in the evening.
  11. If possible – watch TV less; try not to waste time beside the monitor – use computer for work. Try to use your smartphone less as well – less social network, less stress (even if it’s positive stress).
  12. Do not live a nightlife lifestyle. Go to bed at 11 o’clock in the evening, and get up at 7 in the morning or earlier. This time period is correct for body biorhythms and healthy sleep, which directly affects the state of the nervous system, and, respectively, anxiety and panic attacks. You will feel the effect in a week or two, guaranteed.

Whether you follow these rules or not depends on you. You want to heal and everything is in your hands. Your enemies will be your own laziness, the low power of will and the wrong thoughts that will constantly cast doubt in your head, scaring you and knocking you down of the right path. It is essentially a struggle between your body and spirit. The spirit wants to live correctly, easily, and interestingly, but for this it takes work hard on itself, and the body will say – lie down, do not get up early, now you feel better – you can not continue to do this all. At first, it will be difficult, even very difficult, but you have to fight. Sometimes there will be no motivation at all and you just have to force yourself. It is very difficult to do all of this above, but gradually it is possible and necessary to do all this. Mandatory for start is abandonment of alcohol; daily physical exercises – morning physical training, outdoor walks; going to bed until 11 pm, get up in the morning, even if you do not want to. Next, I will describe my experience for a month and you will see what I did and what I did not. It all helped me to almost not experience panic attacks anymore, but when they came up – it were panic attacks with less power than ever.

I started my fight with panic attacks at the end of June. After a strong nervous shock, when I kept rotating one and the same thought in my head – there was something wrong with me in that particular life situation. My arm muscles even fumbled from time to time, but especially often I got fumbled leg muscles, and sometimes I had it with the face muscles. I have been using soothing herbal pills of plant origin – Leonurus cardiaca + Valeriána officinális, they helped me for a very short period of time. I slept terribly – for a long time I could not fall asleep, often woke up for no reason at 3 or 4 o’clock in the night. Then I “finished” my nervous system by two nights with alcohol. So terrible I was never feeling in my life and I really thought that the end is already close.

I started the change with a doctor’s visit. This was a high class specialist, albeit in a regular district hospital. He inquired about my way of life, what I do for life, when I go to bed and when I get up. There were many other questions and it was long conversation which was hard for me also because of my anxiety. He resumed that I had to change the way of life – the long-term formed by me wrong way of life that was created by me for years. Doctor said it will not be quick time change, but the main is my desire. Everything is not that bad, but it’s impossible to ignore the problem, because there may be bad consequences. There must be a balance of physical and mental stress, the balance of work and rest, active and passive rest, of course, no alcohol. A little later will come the time for discovering the real causes of my panic attacks – the internal discomfort, from which panic arises; those are all internal fears, anxieties, complexes, which do not allow living calmly and, as a result, cause persistent intrusive thoughts that spin consciously and subconsciously in the head. I started my recovery from everyday walks and bicycle rides. I was waking up at 5-6 in the morning, sometimes at 7 – because of the increased nervous excitement I could not sleep longer. To get up in the morning, I should have fallen asleep somehow and for this, first 4 days I was taking soothing pills that the doctor prescribed to me. Sometimes I took them in the morning, before going for a walk, but only for the first 4 days! The body has to fight itself, and pills could be only at the very beginning if it is much needed. If the case is not as serious as it was mine at that particular time, it is possible and better to start your improvement and healing from anxiety and panic without any pills. Actually, this is how exactly I got rid of panic and this whole website is about releasing panic disorder without pills.

So, my first morning. I did not have a bike. I went out of apartment and walked 2 kilometers on foot to my grandmother’s house to take old grandfather’s bicycle. This morning I had my pills before going out. I started riding bike, drove to the side of the field. I saw how disturbing thoughts go away during the trip – you just do not think about anything! There was a joy and a desire to go to the forest – 6 km away. But at first I decided to go to the store and buy some sausages for grill so possibly make the fire in the forest and prepare food on the fire, as I often loved watching YouTube videos where guys did the same thing. I bought all this stuff, but went to buy cigarettes and took … a beer … Yes, just after I decided to completely change my life I took the beer again. The fact is that during the last month I got used to eliminate panic attacks with bottle of beer after which the anxiety passed. I understood that it was wrong, but for some time I have found such dangerous way out. And now again – damn reflexes and patterns. I went to the forest; the physical fatigue from the bike ride was extremely enjoyable. Forest air is just a fairy tale! How well and cleanly I was breathing there is hard to describe! I walked with a bicycle in the woods, traveled along the forest paths. Here I decided that the lawn is suitable for making a fire. I searched for firewood and although it took me a long time to start the fire as it was rain before and it was wet, but it still made it. It was raining – I was well soaked, but I felt somehow wildly happy. I heated steamed pork I took with me. I put it on bread and ate. Then I opened the beer. Sip a little and started frying sausages on fire – tasting everything slowly, without a hurry. I also was drinking beer very slowly. I smoked a few cigarettes during the whole time in the wood. In about two hours I decided to move back home. I controlled so there was no fire and rode back home. I will say I had some more beer left in the end. Having arrived from the forest in about an hour, I felt a certain discomfort. I guess, it is most likely because of beer. I felt some anxiety, could not find a place for myself. Alcohol as a psychotropist made its negative impact on the nervous system. I fell asleep, however, without any pills – because of the fatigue. From this day I have decided – now, definitely without beer, or any alcohol – because it just makes it worse and I am not healthy person to consume it. It was June 24th. I kept to my own promise in the future. For another 4 days, I got up in the morning, walked on to my grandfather, took a bicycle, drove through the fields, then into the forest, traveled through the forest, returned, washed the bike, washed myself and walked home. Here I combined various things – physical activity, fresh air, staying in society – I was doing what I like – walking in the woods, fire in the woods, cooking in the woods. In 4 days, I saw that I was falling asleep easily, I did not wake up in the middle of the night, I get up in the morning as it should be. However, sometimes in the morning I felt a lot of discomfort and anxiety that it was difficult to describe or explain. I have not taken any pills yet – bicycle and walks become my pills now. I completely ruled out alcohol, but in the evenings I was still smoking cigarettes when I wanted so. I did not feel panic attacks, but often there was constant internal anxiety and discomfort.

At the beginning of July I bought a mountain bike. At the beginning of July we also started a small repair works at home in the apartment, which was delayed by the end of the month. It was very difficult for me to ride on a mountain bike at first. For the first two times riding it I got tired so much that I came home thinking that I would die at that moment. But gradually I chose the appropriate pace of trips and again – I easily went to the forest, but not so often – once every 3 or 4 days – as repair works at the apartment required not only the stock of physical strength, but time. In the beginning of July, I began to do morning exercises – easy warm-up + a bit heavier physical exercises. After morning exercises – a short respite and a shower. Then – meditation and breakfast. I want to say that although I did not go to sleep at one and the same time – sometimes at 11, sometimes – at 12 or about 1 o’clock at night, and woke up at different times – sometimes around 8, sometimes around 10, and sometimes even at 11 am , but just right after wake up, the sequence of actions according to regime was the following – morning prayer (I’m an Orthodox Christian, although not very practicing, but I decided to pray in the morning and in the evening before going bed), exercises, meditation, breakfast – and my overall body condition has improved a lot. Sometimes I woke up with anxiety and discomfort, I sometimes let something out of the morning duties – sometimes I am not doing morning exercises, sometimes I do not read the prayers, sometimes I meditate in the middle of the day or in the evening or before going to bed, instead of doing it twice – in the morning and in the evening, but I will say that I began to feel myself incomparably better. I advise everyone to stick to the day mode – then the effect will be much better. During July I conducted a Panic attacks diary, as I call it, although it’s just a diary where I wrote down most of the days of the month, analyzed what I was doing and did not do and how I felt during particular day – you can read it here, and compare your own feelings as well.

Almost a month in the absence of alcohol (why “almost” I will tell later in this post), meditation, exercises, bicycle, positive mood – this is a month with almost no panic attacks – then in the same post I will tell why “almost”, where I had panic attacks and what happened. By the way, concerning alcohol. I have a previous experience – 3 months completely without alcohol, and I still had panic attacks almost daily, so alcohol is not the reason causing panic attacks if any of you thought about it.

I said “almost” without alcohol, because in early July I decided to check myself on the road. Before this panic attacks happened to me in public transport, mostly in summer – when it’s stuffy, and if I was with a hangover and in public transport – it’s always almost certain panic attack. I almost did not have panic attacks in the car though, and I went with a friend of mine on his car to a big city. I felt very uncomfortable during the second half of the road and I had already bought a low-alcohol beverage in the city. I will run in advance – I drank it somewhere half. It took away anxiety, it made me even fun for a short period of time, but then I realized that I could have been without it. I did not have a panic attack, just a certain anxiety, although stronger than usual, but not as anxiety I usually had in the queue – that’s all. Why did I drink alcohol? Probably some kind of habit, but most likely – produced a reflex, but I’m sorry about this moment. My friend also criticized me that I did not follow my principles and apparently did not want to really change anything. Honestly, I felt very embarrassed at myself and in front of my friend. Promises must be fulfilled, especially those given to ourselves – only this way the power of will could be strengthened, and the strong will is a huge treasure in our lives, it is a magic wand on the path to new achievements.

Now about panic attacks in July. I can not name them panic attacks, most likely such a kind of internal shiver or discomfort, or rather – increased excitability of the nervous system for a short period of time (earlier it was like a start, after which I began to be afraid of this fear even more and so in a circle, and as a result there was a panic attack). This time, this irritability lasted for about a minute, a maximum of two, and then passed, but arose in those places where my panic attacks happened earlier. This is the queue in the bank during the hot summer period, the queue in the post office – that is, the queue where you have to wait among people and where you can not leave the place on your own, because of some kind of duty to do and I have to stand and finish the task, otherwise I have to go again to finish it and it could possibly bring new panic attack. I would say that before such panic attacks I was worried too, but kept terrifying myself and barely stood in the queue, and my hands sometimes were like wood made… – this time in July it was not so. Meditation helped me very much – it teaches how to let bad thoughts go, without thinking about them and not fighting with them, just let go without scrolling in the head and not inventing what will happen further, and at the same time it teaches not to rely on the emergence of these thoughts. Very useful practice, which is very helpful while having panic attacks. I felt the same discomfort on the car maintenance service when I was waiting for a friend who was supposed to help me with one thing. This is a normal nervous anxiety. I did not get rid of it for the first month, but in the future I have to do it. Often this happens after intense physical activity – this anxiety arises, but it goes on its own. The main thing is not to pay attention to it and then everything will stop and you will, on the contrary, feel the inexpressible joy and the surge of strength after anxiety. At least that’s what happens to me. This is the pleasure you get for winning in this battle with yourself – you did not succumb to, did not run to take a pill, did not went to drink beer, did not flee home to comfort, but met the “enemy” face to face, and although the enemy was terrible, this time you won him. In the future, the more such “battles” will be, the more prepared you become yourself and the easier and faster they will pass, and the enemy will see in the end that it is not interesting to attack you, because you can immediately give the return and enemy will retreat to seek new rivals.

Also, I would add that I did not come even close to computer in the first two weeks of July. Several times I turned it on to check the mail, and 5 times played Counter Strike for 20 minutes – I never played it before, but it was interesting to try something new in terms of relaxation and rest, but still I felt tired after playing it, so I did not get used to it.

Once again in early July there was an unpleasant life situation, where my mother was re-nourishing, and I worried about her and also re-nerve. This just happened when I set up my so called prayer-exercises-meditation day mode. In general, I will say that when you start to move in the right direction, there will immediately be obstacles that will show that you are on the right track. It’s like a test to overcome, a test of gravity for your intentions. Honestly, the “test” knocked me a little out of the way, it was somewhat unpleasant when you were not guilty but someone puts a crap on you, and although I did not have panic attack but a strong anxiety, I thought about “relax” in the old way – grab some beer and cigarettes and sit somewhere in the quiet place, but instead, I meditated and continued to do physical work at home. Already in the evening I was feeling well, and in the morning I felt like if nothing happened at all. And if I tried alcohol – the next day would be unlikely without panic attacks or at least strong anxiety.

No wonder people say that after a certain time of regular meditation, a person voluntarily and unhesitatingly leaves bad habits. In the beginning of July I quit smoking. But without obligation, I just said to myself – I will start again when I want, but now I ask the Holly Marry to help me not to smoke as long as I can. And I did not want to smoke! In general I was smoking 2 times in late July. Once a small cigarillo with a friend – I wanted to check my condition. I will say that after it my anxiety sharply increased for a certain time. In 2 days after that we were transferring furniture to the bedroom and I found one of my cigarettes and lighter. I decided to smoke it so it did not “torture” me. I did it the next day after dinner. I will not say that I did not like it – I felt as if I did not quit smoking for a month, but I will not say that I liked it. On this day I did not do the exercises and did not ride a bicycle and therefore smoked, otherwise I wouldn’t, because after physical activity I do not want to smoke at all. After smoking, I felt something like discomfort from the side of the heart hard to describe.

At the end of July, I can say that I live ordinary life – disturbing states come less often and rarely, panic attacks does not disturb me at all. I work – I do what I like. The repair works about the apartment are completed, therefore, from August I take more seriously and responsibly for the regime of the day, to perform all what I do now, but not in chaotic, but in special order. In July I have changed a lot to the positive side and redefined a lot in my life. In fact, for a month from a weaker person who has lost hope for getting rid of anxiety and panic attacks, unsure of myself and exhausted by uncertainty in the future, I became a person who is happy with life, I have almost no feelings of panic attacks and anxiety, I work for myself (do what I like) and enjoy life. Despite the discomfort caused by the repair works in the house, I found time to work on the computer in the second half of July. I did not deny myself what I want. I bought a bowl to cook food in the forest on fire. I’m also going to shoot videos of this, (actually, I managed to do it and you can see it here on my YouTube channel) so I’ve already ordered the camera that came to me. Now bicycle and forest walks are combined with cooking food and video creation – new development and new hobbies. I also ordered a tripod along with camera, and as a bonus for ordering tripod I will get a spinner – they write that it’s a anti stress toy number 1 in the United States and even recommend it to office workers as must have – well, I can check, maybe it will be useful for me as well, still – I work to improve my nervous system. Also, I decided to “retire” my old phone, where the camera does not work and many more functions are not working as well, and ordered a new one – not very expensive, but with good characteristics. I even ordered a holder for it – in case it goes to the tripod. All this I picked up at the post office where I had to stand in a queue where earlier I was terribly nervous and worried about panic attacks. I will say that these times I felt discomfort, about the same as in a bank, but it was not so critical and I think I will be able to overcome it soon. In addition to everything, I ordered quad-copter – I want to play this interesting “toy”, as well as make video using it. I will say that this has not cost me a lot, because you can find nice goods at a reasonable price. I made a nice present for my cat – ordered a whole box of cat food.

In the “impulse of the soul” I replaced all the regular light bulbs in the apartment to economical LED – this is what I was going to do for a long time. Only I began to act – there appeared new opportunities, including financial ones. I easily earned the necessary amount of money when they became necessary to me to buy all I wanted. I rejoice at what I bought and what I will do with all these stuff. I have plans, I have an inspiration to live and create. Honestly, I was even shocked that I had done so much and bought so much. I do not intend to indulge or something in this sort of things. I want to show how much you can do if you start to work on yourself and not to spray on what you really do not like or do not want to do. How much can I do even for a month, even with a little effort, which I estimate for 20% of what I should have done this month. Your thoughts are material. Thanks to work on myself and work in general – physical, mental – I have the rest which I really love, and not the stupid encounters for a beer in a cafe – I feel happy and necessary, and there is almost no time for anxious thoughts. Anxiety passes away, the nervous system calms down, panic attacks do not arise. This is also what is available for you to do!

Thank you for reading this long post. I was writing it almost non-stop for three hours, trying not to forget anything. I want my experience to help you overcome panic attacks and the anxiety that constantly precedes them. I want to show that the struggle against panic attacks is real and capable of all. On this site I even show the benefits of panic attacks. I hope that inspired you by this article and gave the hope that you are able to overcome and correct everything, the main thing – is the desire to act and the sequence of actions.

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